Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rock Nook 2009: August 16-21st

One week from now, we will be back at Rocky Nook hard at work. Hopefully, we will locate that foundation this year. All of those tuned in to the blog this year, keep your fingers crossed for us. Its so close, I can almost taste it! I'm extremely excited to get back and see what we will discover.

This year we will have a great crew, with about 12-18 people volunteering every day. Of course, Derek and his crew from Virginia will be coming back to guide us through the adventure again.

The weather is looking about the same as every other year, with at least one stormy day looming in the forecast. Hopefully we will not be caught under a tree in the rain during lunch this year.

Like last year, I'll be updating the blog every evening with a description of the day along with photos and video (internet performance permitting, of course). There will not be an update on Friday due to a hectic schedule of meetings, the digger sail, and the Society dinner. I will try to post Friday's report ASAP after getting back to Ohio.

Please remember, you can post your comments/questions after each post. I'm looking forward to hearing from and seeing lots of you at the Meeting next week!

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