Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 4

Richard is ready to go!
Ray and Jonathan discussing the new possible location of the cellars
The some of the artifacts ready to come up in Chris' unit

The Coca-Cola bottle fragment that answered one of our questions
First of all, apologies for the delay on yesterday's report. The internet connection was down until this afternoon due to the storm that passed through yesterday afternoon. Please scroll down to find out what happened.
We had a very productive day at Rocky Nook. Derek, Dave, Beth, and Jesse took another look at Deetz's map and decided that there might be a possibility that one of his datum points had been based off of the Joseph monument. So with machetes, clippers, and a chainsaw the group tackled more brush so new units could be opened up. Hopefully, within the next day or so we may find one of the cellars within those units. Ray who dug with Deetz as a child in 1968 came out to help today and it was great to have him on board. Meanwhile, two more units were put in near the area where the group worked four years ago with the hope they would yield more artifacts. Also, a quadrant was plotted out in the large block in order discover for certain whether or not we are looking at Deetz's old test units. After going down about a foot through the lighter, nearly artifact free soil the sterile sub-soil was reached. Sitting neatly on top of the sub-soil was a 1960's era Coca-Cola bottle fragment. This little bottle glass fragment definitivly answered the question of whether or not these were Deetz'z units. He thankfully left an "I was here" message for us in the bottom. We have been looking for an indication of Deetz's excavations for five years and we finally have one! So, tomorrow we will continue to explore the new units and most likely investigate some sections of the midden that were not excavated by Deetz in '68.

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